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Daily videos

Throughout the duration of the event, we will be bringing you daily video updates featuring highlights and interviews with our experts. Whether you're unable to attend the event in person or simply want to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, our daily video updates are the perfect way to stay informed.



Well, the wait is finally over and GIFA 2023 is here. After months of preparation involving colleagues from around the world, the Foseco stand is open for business. Our stand will feature 51 exhibits, supported by 37 case studies and 16 new technical papers.
In this video, Jens Ohm, Non Ferrous Sales Manager for Northern Europe, talks about the importance of the GIFA show for Foseco and outlines the three key themes that will be featured on the stand.
So, get ready for a daily dose of excitement at GIFA 2023 and stay tuned!



So it's day 2 of an already busy GIFA. When we started planning the event 2 years ago, we didn't even know if people would be allowed to come, so it was good to see so many people on our stand yesterday.

In today's video, we delve into the significance of innovation and technology for Foseco, as they play a pivotal role in enabling their customers to overcome industry challenges.

Now, let's return to our host Emily Whigham, engaging in a conversation with Rob Welland, Vice President of Marketing & Technology at Foseco.



Day 3 has come and gone and GIFA is already more than halfway through, but there is still much to talk about.
One of the topics on everybody’s lips in all four fairs that make up The Bright World of Metals quartet is #sustainability, whether that be the impact this is having on the end users that purchase castings, the way in which foundries produce those castings and the steps that consumable and equipment suppliers are taking to help customers with their sustainability objectives.
However, sustainability is no longer just an inconvenience, or an unwanted added cost driven by legislation – green business is more often than not good business, as Tim Birch, Global Product Director for Coatings explains.


Knowledge & Partnership

It’s day 4 of the GIFA fair and on the Foseco stand today you will find 37 case studies from real-life customer applications. Visitors can also download the latest copies of our Foundry Practice technical journal.

Ian Delaney, Marketing & Technology Director for Europe, talks to Emily Whigham about the importance of Knowledge and Partnership and to explain how our problem-solving approach to the market of our experienced technical teams adds value to our customer’s operations.


See you in June 2027!

Well, it’s day 5 already and another GIFA is drawing to a close. Today, two key members of Foseco’s GIFA preparation team reflect on the success of this year’s show and acknowledge then enormous team effort required to deliver to Foseco at GIFA experience.
In today’s final video, Hannes Erger, Business Manager for Ferrous Foundries in the German speaking reflects on the challenges in putting together the show and the commercial successes achieved.
Finally, Martin Scheidtmann, International Trade Show Manager talks about his personal highlights at this, his seventh GIFA event.

We say goodbye and thank you for visiting our stand! Stay tuned for more videos and news in the coming days!

See you in June 2027! 

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Monday 12th June


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