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Welcome to the GIFA 2023 Special Issues of our Foundry Practice Magazine! In these four exclusive issues, we bring you a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the latest advances, trends and innovations in the world of foundry practice. 

FP 272 en_Seite_01

Foundry Practice No. 272

Non Ferrous Edition:

Cleaning and drossing granulate for structural high-pressure die cast
aluminum components

The benefits of FEEDEX NF1 exothermic sleeves in aluminium
and copper casting

Enhancing crucible performance in non-ferrous applications

Innovative WASCO water-soluble binder systems for HPDC applications

FP 273 en_Seite_01

Foundry Practice No. 273

Melt Shop Refractories Edition:

Clean steel castings at ultralow pouring temperatures for high performance applications using the innovative ROTOCLENE process

Nozzle technologies for iron and steel foundries

Increasing the consistency of iron casting properties and reducing
foundry rejects

FP 274 en_Seite_01

Foundry Practice No. 274

Mould & Core Edition:

How coatings can improve economic, social, and environmental
sustainability at foundries

Zircon-free refractory coating for iron and steel castings

New mould release agent reduces fire and environmental risk

Supporting the transition to lead-free bearings in large diesel engines: the challenge for foundries

Density Controlled Coating or the benefits of intelligent automatic
coating control

FP 275 en_Seite_01

Foundry Practice No. 275

Methoding Edition:

The incorporation of Additive Manufacturing Technology (3D) in
casting filtration, providing optimised efficiency and customization

HOLLOTEX EG Runner ST - The lightweight alternative to ceramic
gating systems, now also available for steel casting!

Application of FEEDEX  K on DISAMATIC moulding lines

Fluoride emission free feeding systems solutions

The Foseco Pro Module for MAGMASOFT® - Update 2023