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Knowledge and partnership at Foseco

When faced with an operating environment of increasingly complicated and interconnected challenges, it’s important to have a solutions partner with decades of knowledge and experience in the foundry sector. 

Today’s foundries face a bewildering array of competing priorities, technological advances, industry-defining challenges, and ever-more-demanding end-users. It’s an operating environment of such complexity that no one individual or company could have all of the answers; however, we all have part of the answer. 

To navigate a way forward, a new collaborative approach is needed. It’s no longer enough to rely on a standard set of solutions. Suppliers and foundries need to work together to identify the specific challenges and find tailored solutions. In short, we need partnership. 

But to make this work, we also need knowledge. Here at Foseco, we have a global team of experts to draw on. This team is equipped with knowledge built over many decades, at many different foundries around the world, in many different casting applications. This collective experience ensures our solutions bring tangible improvement in real-world conditions. 


Case study: Volkswagen 

Take the Volkswagen plant in Hannover as an example. In order to achieve the company’s quality and sustainability requirements, high melt purity and process reliability is required. The foundry must also comply with strict density tolerances. Improvements in environmental impact and employee workload were also part of the equation.  

This was a complex and multifaceted challenge. But we were able to work with Volkswagen to tailor a solution that included our SMARTT degassing process control software with FDU MTS degassing unit and NUCLEANT granulated treatment agent. 

This combination of technologies delivered continuous automation of the melt treatment process to achieve consistent melt conditions and adhesion to density tolerances. It resulted in a >10% fall in scrap rates – saving money, cutting energy consumption, and reducing CO2 emissions. The automated process also reduced employee workload and improved health and safety.

NUCLEANT fluxes are one of number of treatment agents that have been formulated for use with the FDU MTS and that cover all principle foundry operations (cleaning, drossing, modification, and grain refinement). These innovative solutions were developed to keep smoke and fumes to a minimum and thus meet customer demands for improved health and safety, while also delivering improved melt quality. 

FEEDEX NF1 feeding technology for aluminium foundries

Customer-centric innovation: FEEDEX sleeves 

We will also showcase recent advances in our FEEDEX sleeve technology at GIFA 2023. 

  • FEEDEX VAK spot feeder sleeves were developed to meet demands of foundries producing complex ductile iron castings, where the neck modulus is critical to ensure casting soundness.
  • FEEDEX NF1 high exothermic sleeves were designed specifically for aluminium and copper applications. The sleeve material is highly exothermic, high strength, and provides fact ignition. Due to its excellent feeding performance, manual application of exothermic powders is avoided – reducing emissions. 

These are just some of the innovative products that will be on display at the Foseco stand at GIFA 2023. Visit us in Hall 12, Stand No. 12A02, to discuss how we can work with you to improve your foundry’s performance.

Our three themes

  • Innovation & Technology
  • Sustainability
  • Knowledge & Partnership
These themes represent the future of the industry and will guide discussions and presentations throughout the event. From the latest technological advances to sustainable practices and collaborative partnerships. Join us as we explore these key themes and discover the innovative solutions that will drive the industry forward.


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Innovation & Technology

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