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Aluminium Motor Housing for
VW ID. 3 / ID.4 / ID.5

Process stability and minimisation of rejects through the use of
advanced metal treatment technology


Case study of an aluminium motor housing for the electric vehicle VW ID.3 / ID.4 / ID.5, showing how a systematic melt treatment solution with SMARTT process control and grain refinement with NUCLEANT 1582 led to a reduction in casting scrap and conservation of resources.


Motor Housing case study

The combination of the MTS Melt Treatment Station with SMARTT degassing control and automated dosing of NUCLEANT 1582 grain
refining fluxes delivered a 10% reduction in the scrap rate.

SMARTT working principle
Learn how the SMARTT technology is optimising your process



Products for chemical melt treatment of aluminium alloys



SMARTT - An innovative process control for rotary degassing of aluminium alloys

SMARTT - Defined hydrogen levels after aluminium rotary degassing


The production of Aluminium castings globally is dominated by the automotive industry. To ensure that the correct casting quality is achieved, a more effective and technically sound melt treatment is essential, followed by a well-designed and controlled pouring practice. Automotive industry requests process reproducibility and so any melt treatment adopted must be capable of achieving consistent levels of cleanliness and hydrogen control. Many quality management systems also require a 100 % record of production data, so again a sophisticated melt treatment with data storage capabilities becomes more attractive.

Day 1

Monday 12th June


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