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TENO Tec ZA coatings

Zircon-free refractory coating for iron and steel castings


TENO Tec ZA case study

Case study of heavy carbon steel castings produced by Pyrsa Foundry in Spain showing how TENO Tec ZA zircon free coatings match the performance of zircon based products and avoid the issues of inherent radioactivity and price volatility associated with traditional coatings.

Zircon-free refractory coating for iron and steel castings


Zircon-based refractory coatings are widely used in foundries around the world. However, the use of zircon is problematic due to it being a naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM). Prices for zircon have also risen steeply in recent years, and remain volatile. Foundries are therefore looking for refractory coatings that reduce or eliminate the use of zircon. In response to this market demand, Foseco has developed the TENO Tec ZA zircon-free family of coatings, which have now been successfully applied at multiple foundries in Europe.

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Monday 12th June


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