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Fluoride free vacuum formed insert sleeves

KALMINEX 2000 FF is the only commercially available fluoride free, exothermic slurry form recipe in the market today. Fluoride free KALMINEX 2000FF feeder sleeves are highly effective in reducing riser size and providing consistent feeding performance in both iron and steel applications.

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Case study

Case study showing how the application of KALMINEX 2000 FF feeder sleeves on an austempered ductile iron socket casting significantly reduced water leachable fluoride content in the sand system, thereby minimising waste sand disposal costs.

Fluoride emission free feeding systems solutions

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Fluoride compounds have been used in foundries since the 1950s to initiate exothermic reactions in aluminum. Recently, there has been increased focus on fluorides, particularly their presence in feeder sleeves. Concerns include their impact on casting integrity and environmental legislation regarding fluoride disposal.

To address these issues, a range of fluoride-emission-free formulations have been developed, providing the same performance as their conventional counterparts. In order to achieve these results extensive research and trials have been carried out.   

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SEDEX ceramic foam filter for iron castings

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Feeding Systems - High performance insulating and exothermic feeding technology

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