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Spot feeder concept

FEEDEX VAK sleeve is used in applications where the smallest footprint and contact area is required


Case study

Case study showing how a customised FEEDEX* VAK spot feeding solution on a ductile iron carrier casting enabled yield improvement and fettling savings to be achieved despite space restrictions on the pattern plate.


Case study

Case study showing how FEEDEX* VAK sleeves overcame height restrictions due to the elevated position of the spot feeders on the cope. The customised design ensured that the sleeves achieved a sufficient modulus to enable spot feeding whilst delivering shrinkage free castings.

Speck casting

Case study

Case study showing how the use of FEEDEX FEF VAK sleeves on a grey iron manifold casting significantly reduced sand disposal costs and VOC emissions without compromising on feed performance. The VAK spot feeder technique ensured that fettling costs were minimised.

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FEEDEX VAK spot feeder concept

FEEDEX en_cover2


FEEDEX high density exothermic feeder sleeves

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SEDEX ceramic foam filter for iron castings

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Monday 12th June


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