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ECOLOTEC binder with lignin 

Replacing phenol with sustainable biopolymers in ECOLOTEC gas cured binders 

A recently-developed biopolymer-based binder for foundries, based on our proven ECOLOTEC concept. Cores produced using this binder were characterised by excellent strength, high dimensional accuracy, and excellent surface. The castings made with these cores are sound and dimensionally accurate, while surface quality is at least equivalent to that of conventionally-manufactured components based on binders made from purely fossil fuel raw materials.


ECOLOTEC with lignin case study

Case study of a ductile iron automotive differential housing produced by FONDIUM Mettmann GmbH for Daimler showing how the application of a biopolymer-based ECOLOTEC binder (LPF resin) reduces the carbon footprint and improves the odour in the core-shop.

ECOLOTEC with lignin animation

ECOLOTEC with lignin process

ECOLOTEC lignin process with description

Day 1

Monday 12th June


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