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DURATEK Supermelt - Long life crucibles


A case study highlighting the latest advances in DURATEK long life crucibles


DURATEK Supermelt case study

Extending aluminium melting crucible life at Mahle Poland

Case study of a clay graphite crucible for melting aluminium from Mahle in Poland showing how the application of this improved technology delivered 70 % more lifetime.

DURATEK Supermelt benefits

Enhancing crucible performance in non-ferrous applications


Crucibles have an important role to play in improving the energy efficiency and environmental performance of non-ferrous casting operations. Recent technological advances have seen crucibles developed that increase
thermal performance and improve the consistency and
length of their operating life. Installation and operating practices are also critical to achieving consistent
crucible performance however, and therefore careful attention to recommended procedures should be
followed to ensure foundries get the most from their

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DURATEK Supermelt

High performance crucibles designed to provide longer life in aluminium fuel-fired furnace melting applications

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Crucibles for non-ferrous foundry applications

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Monday 12th June


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